I am an interdisciplinary researcher in human-computer interaction – hci – investigating the embodied, situated and critical aspects of interactive experiences. Embodied and situated as I am sensible to an enactivist account of human cognition. Critical as I reckon the role played by hci researchers in shaping technoscientific expectations.

My current interests lie in the circular process of creation and evaluation of interactive experiences for which I articulate mixed methods: collecting identity dispositions, analyzing movement and interpreting qualitative feedbacks.

This led me to work with scientists, designers and artists in various research contexts: laboratory experiments (e.g., virtual reality experiments, interactive application evaluations, motion capture studies), online surveys (e.g., personality tests, perceptual studies) and field works (e.g., museum focus groups, in-situ interviews).

I am currently a postdoctoral Researcher in the TechCICO team (Technologies for Cooperation, Interaction and Knowledge in collectives) at the University of Technology of Troyes until February 2017.

Contact: tom.giraud[at]utt.fr
Sites: ResearchGateGoogleScholarLinkedIn